Your Business Email

Are You Using Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL as Your Business Email?

Are you using Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL as your business email?

If so, you should consider getting a private email domain ( Using a free email service (e.g.,,, etc.) puts you, and your clients at greater risk for a cyber-attack. Here’s why you should switch to a private email domain.

Increased Frequency of Cyber Attacks

Every day, news reports flood the internet warning of a new email scam or a new cyber-attack that has been unleashed on the title insurance industry. Knowing that free email services have very low security makes them an easy target for cybercriminals. Millions of dollars have been stolen as many title agents have fallen victim to these cyber-attacks.

Protection of NPPI

With the heightened focus on the protection of Non-public Personal Information (NPPI) brought about by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), many lenders are beginning to tie the use of free email addresses and domains with an increased potential for cyber-attacks and email scams. There are many federal and state laws requiring you to protect NPPI and this is a significant step towards that requirement.


A private email domain will give your business a more professional brand. Appearances are important, especially today when lenders are taking a hard look at which third party venders they decide to do business with. Using a private email domain will make you look well established and ready to take on any closing.

While there are many reasons to move to a private email domain, these are three big reasons to make the switch ASAP. There are many reasonably priced private domain registration sites that can help you in achieving this important data security goal.

Also, if you’re transmitting documents or emails containing social security numbers, client information, or sensitive financial data, this NPI should be protected by using a secure email program.

At John P. White, P.A., we use SafeSend when transmitting our clients’ Non-Public Information.